Product Code: ME1 colour

The A4-M1AM-E1BC kit has an aluminium die-cast vandal resistant panel with colour CCD Camera, wall mountable with hood. The Slim Indoor Phone is 23mm in depth with a 4” colour TFT-LCD display.

The kit is designed for fast installation: plug and play.

For door or gate release a hold open strike with dedicated power supply will be required.

Choose intercom kit option two (on the RHS) to add a Dorcas aa/sx strike and a 12VDC 1A plugpack. This will provide the extra parts needed to allow release function of a door or gate via the intercom. (See wiring diagram in pictures for more information)


  • 4” colour TFT-LCD display, 4-wire connection
  • Hands free talking, door releasing and video monitoring
  • Two configurations:
    • 1 outdoor unit to 5 indoor units
    • 2 outdoor units to 5 indoor units
  • Installation: Wall mounting
  • White ABS plastic
  • Transformer 13.5V DC power supply (plug pack)
  • See pictures for wiring diagram/information

A4-M1AM Outdoor Camera


  • Aluminium alloy shell
  • 4-wire cable to connect with the indoor unit
  • Built in LED for light compensation at night
  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • Installation: wall mounting with hood
  • Lock output: dry contact
  • Plug pack included

Product Specifications:

  • Power Suply DC 13.5V/1A
  • Wiring 4-wire, polarity connection
  • Display 4” colour TFT-LCD
  • Ring Tone Chord
  • Talk Hands free
  • Cable Length ≤50m — RVV4×0.75mm
  • Ambient Temperature -100C ~ 400C
  • Installation Surface Mount
  • Dimensions 120 x 180 x 23mm

Product Specification

  • Camera – 1/3” Colour CCD
  • Minimum Ilumination – 1.0 Lux
  • Visual Angle – 90° Wide Angle
  • Wiring – 4-wire, polarity connected
  • Cable Condition – 50m/165ft for RVV22#4×0.65mm
  • Ambient Temperature -100C ~ 400C
  • Weight – 0.5kg
  • Dimensions – 112.3 x 171.8 x 36.6mm

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