Aertecnica Pratico Retractable Hose System

Aertecnica Pratico Retractable Hose System

Product Code: Practico

With PRACTICO cleaning is even easier and faster. PRACTICO is a new solution for easy cleaning that completes the central vacuum system.

PRACTICO is an attachment that works with various central vacuuming systems. The hose, used during cleaning, disappears within the walls after use. Making a complete hidden vacuuming system in a single wall socket.

Product Features

  • PRACTICO is lightweight and functional. 
  • It is characterized by a harmony of features that make it a perfect blend of style and practicality. 
  • Flaps can be painted the same colour as the wall. PRACTICO blends discreetly into the environment.


  • COMFORTABLE: No need to carry, wrap and store hoses after cleaning.
  • FAST: Cleaning even faster. With a simple gesture you open the flap, slip out the hose and PRACTICO is ready to use.
  • LESS BULKY: The hose disappears in the wall. No need for storing the hose .

Using the Pratico In 8 Steps

  1. Open the door and take out the amount of hose needed for housekeeping.
  2. Lock the hose with the lever.
  3. Turn on the vacuum unit, moving the lever BLUE ON position.
  4. Insert the terminal fitting of the hose in the handle.
    To Hide Practico
  5. With the vacuum unit still in operation, approach the grip and release the handle from the hose
  6. Unlock the hose, moving the lock lever
  7. Blocking with the palm of the hand, the terminal fitting of the pipe, so that the same can rewind completely.
  8. Turn off the vacuum unit, closing the door.
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