Fermax Smile 7” Flushmount Video Intercom

Fermax Smile 7” Flushmount Video Intercom

Product Code: FER-6550

Video door entry COLOUR monitor. TFT screen 7″.

Installed in homes, lets you communicate with the outside panel, open the door and see the visitor on the built-in screen .

Smile is a new video entry experience.

It is cool and smart. With a design that allows its perfect integration in any surrounding.
An advanced management monitor, with hands-free communication, high-performance features and user friendly.
Compact and essential design. Its TFT screen and its capacitive touch buttons remain behind an ultra-resistant transparent polycarbonate sheet with ultraviolet protection.

Smile is the result of a refined design which has reduced and stylized its components to the minimum expression.

VDS system:

Simplified installation audio and video door entry system that does not use house call wires. The call is made by transmission of a digital call code generated by the VDS amplifier.
– In new works, installation can be carried out with the following type of wiring: 5 wire / 3 wire + Coaxial (video).
Lets you manage up to 199 homes, 2 entrance accesses and a central guard unit.
Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.

VDS amplifier comes with voice synthesizer as standard issue.
When the door release is activated a message is heard: “Door open, please close after entering”.
The home terminals require simple programming done from the outdoor panel. By means of this programming a call code is assigned to each terminal (telephone or monitor).
Communication is private.
Wiring. Audio: 3-wire bus. Video: 5 wire / 3 wire + Coaxial (video).
Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.


Colour 7″ TFT screen
Resolution: 800 (H) x 480 (V)
Surface mounted, super slimline profile stands out only 20 mm from the wall.
Smile 7″ 185x172x20 (width) x (height) x (depth) mm

When Smile is flush-mounted, only 4 mm of its profile stands out. This type of installation uses the same terminal, incorporating only flush box and decorative frame.

Dimensions once flush-mounted:
Smile 7″ 209x196x4 (width) x (height) x (depth) mm
Decorative frame 7″ 209,20×196,2(width) x (height) x (depth) mm
Flush box 7″ 198x186x44(width) x (height) x (depth) mm

Power supply: 18 Vdc

Door release and guard unit call button.

Auto-on button for main and secondary camera activation (sequentially).

Button to start communication.

Button to end communication.

Call volume control

Colour, brightness and contrast control.

Door bell: for direct house call button connection to monitor/telephone.

Selectable call tunes.

With 2 pushbuttons for additional functions (without functions assigned).

Private communication. Conversation secrecy.

Totally hands-free operation; once the outdoor panel-home channel is activated, communication is simultaneous (full duplex).


  • in standby: 33 mA
  • active: 400 mA
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