Ness Radio Interface For Eco8x D8x D16x D24

Ness Radio Interface For Eco8x D8x D16x D24

Product Code: 89

Supports all Ness radio devices, (encrypted and non-encrypted), including Ness radio Keys, radio Keypad, radio Pirs, radio emergency button, radio reed switches and radio smoke Detectors.

Four wire serial connection to the control panel.

The radio interface supports up to 14 radio keys each capable of reporting user ID to monitoring station and capable of being programmed to access one or more partitioned areas.


  • Adds an additional 8 channels for receiving radio devices such as
  • Ness Radio PIR and Radio Reed switches.
  • High sensitivity Superheat Receiver
  • Supports up to 14 Ness 3 button wireless pendants
  • Surface mount technology
  • Frequency: 303.8MHz
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